Cazzi Opeia - Rich

New single: Rich released by Cazzi Opeia

Billboard sensation Cazzi Opeia releases her new single “Rich”!

During the past year Cazzi Opeia has had no less than four number #1 on Billboard as a songwriter with cuts by acts such as Twice and Red Velvet. This makes her one of Sweden’s most successful songwriters at the moment. With her last solo single “Wild Ones” she was the first female artist ever to premiere a song in space and now she is back with her latest outing.

The song is a reaction against how the world is turning ever more materialistic – an innocent, but honest protest against greed and mankind’s general inability to look out for and look after one another. A commentary that memories, relations and valuable experiences are worth more in the long run than purely financial gain. Arguably not a new message. But with Cazzi Opeia’s boundless energy coupled and her great ability to observe it is a message that is well worth repeating.

Rich is released by Cosmos Music and Superior Recordings October 12, 2018.

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