Cazzi Opeia & Jin X Jin

Cazzi Opeia & Jin X Jin


Cazzi Opeia always had the ability to navigate through her dreams. As a child Cazzi would let the distant rays shower over her and teach her about the domestication of color and rhythm – it would become her weapon and her armor. Hailing from a family of tele-screen hosts and actors, Cazzi was prepared for her calling: She would battle dullness and colorlessness where ever she went – and she would go everywhere.

Cazzi’s first single, the vigorous I Belong to You, was caught from the energy channels by Tiësto, fellow tamer of sound, processed by his own dream-machine and let loose for the world to hook onto. Elevated by the rumbling dance, Cazzi partnered up with FDJR, a house collective who spread their message of song throughout Europe, and sailing on the waves of the beats, Cazzi soared onto the stage at Isle of MTV before a crowd of fifty thousand electrifying dream-soakers.

Like a spectrum of light, Cazzi shone through the praise of transmission-crystal Perez Hilton, and in times of stepping off her waves to recharge, she bathed in the sparkling lights of the big city, singing from the rooftops with an ally of space-wave harnessing, Amy Winehouse.

A sudden force pulled Cazzi toward a specific part of our globe; a spot especially receptive to the thumping energies from beyond the veil of our universe. Jin X Jin, Seoul based DJ and constructer of song, waited for her on a floating orb of compressed sound; vibrating of rhythm and melody – ready to burst at any moment. ”I have come for the bananas,” Cazzi said, the words fed to her by destiny. Jin X Jin took her by the hand, and ignited by the spark of their touch, they shot out through the irises of their own eyes – and a melody echoed in her head. With the melody that wouldn’t leave her alone and to the rhythm she found herself dancing along to – still all spread out on the floor, out of breath – she repeated to herself: Batman & Robin.

The words levitated her high in the air while the ground below filled with bananas, bananas and more bananas. Pure and raw, slick and inescapable, morphing into sound, seeping through playlists, charts, clubs and pop radio worldwide, feeding on peoples wants, needs and desires, exteriorizing as a pop beast with an appetite for dance.

A monster single is being released into the world!

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